Ethical Workplace

Human, social and economic sustainability are also very important to us. Iron Heart fabrics and garments are made in Japan, using a workforce that is fairly paid and who are well cared for with good working conditions, hours, holidays and benefits.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our own UK team are well recompensed and motivated, with safe and pleasant working conditions and a healthy work/life balance.  It's important that each of our team is able to afford a good lifestyle, with an income that allows them to make choices on where and how they live.

When we consider the price of some “high street” brand garments, it’s clear that someone in the supply chain is not being fairly recompensed, or at worst is being badly exploited.  So whilst Iron Heart clothing may be considered expensive, in fact our margins are much lower than many brands who are producing garments in unethical environments - when you consider all the processes that take place in making a shirt for example, from picking the cotton to spinning and dyeing the yarn to weaving the fabric to cutting and sewing the garments to distributing and selling the end product, you can easily start to question the sustainability of cut price goods.

In addition, we have introduced simple improvements such as using recycled bags for all our packaging and FSC paper for our printed flyers and washing guides. Everybody within our team is tasked with looking at new ways that we can help the environment, it’s not just one person’s responsibility, because when everybody does their bit, that’s when change happens.

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