Sustainable Fabrics

We have released several products made from a 14.7oz eco selvedge denim. This eco denim was created by mixing 40% regular cotton with 60% recycled cotton from denim offcuts (pieces of denim left on the cutting-room floor from previous jeans production). The result was very popular with our customers, as we’d managed to produce characterful denim for both jeans and shirts, all the while reducing the impact of their production on the environment by re-using valuable resources that would otherwise have been wasted.

We have used 100% recycled polyester for a fleece fabric for three CPO shirts, again these have been in great demand as the fabric is extremely warm and comfy, as well as being eco-friendly.

Haraki san is a great innovator when it comes to the fabrics we use, and the success of the eco-denim and recycled polyester garments has given us the confidence to develop new, more sustainable fabrics in the future. 

For most Iron Heart jeans and other garments we use poly-cotton stitching.  Whilst in itself the poly-cotton thread will not bio-degrade as quickly as 100% cotton, this prolongs the life of our clothing and the amount of thread used is minimal compared to the body of the garment.  

We are renowned for our heavyweight fabrics, and especially for our 21oz denims, our 25oz XHS (extra heavy selvedge) denims and our UHF (ultra heavy flannel) shirt fabrics.  These heavyweight garments can take a lot of wear and abuse, and will last far longer than lighter weight alternatives given the same amount of wear.

This quality and durability of our garments can help sustainability. Our products are not throw-away, fast fashion that ends up as land-fill after a year. Our garments are worn and loved by their owners for many years, and are also often re-sold or gifted to new owners. They are repaired when needed to extend their lifetime - reducing textile waste and the water and energy usage required for making new products.