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14oz Selvedge Denim - Indigo

Our second 14oz denim, made with a double twisted weft yarn in the same way as our signature 21oz denim. Still super light and breathable, a great...

14oz Selvedge Denim - Indigo/Black

Our 14oz denim in indigo warp/black weft. The warp is indigo rope dyed whilst the weft is black sulphur dipped. Will fade with high contrast.

14oz Selvedge Denim - Black/Black

Our 14oz denim in black warp/black weft. The warp is black sulphur rope dyed whilst the weft is black sulphur dipped. Will fade slowly to grey.

16oz Slubby Selvedge Denim - Indigo

Our 16oz slubby selvedge denim. This deep indigo selvedge denim has a really uneven hand on both the face and the reverse (think off the scale...

17oz Brown Duck (Canvas)

Brown 17oz 100% cotton duck (canvas). The nature of this heavy, plain woven cotton fabric makes it super durable, thus it has proven incredibly...

18oz Vintage Selvedge Denim - Indigo

Our vintage 18oz denim is made mixing old and modern methods. The denim is woven slowly under low tension on vintage looms for a vintage style....

21oz Selvedge Denim - Indigo

Our signature 21oz denim. Where it all began for Iron Heart, and the 21oz indigo denim has now become a staple denim in our range. Super heavy but...
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