Project RE:LOVE

Project RE:LOVE is about keeping clothes alive in the product lifecycle. We appreciate that sometimes clothes come to the end of their time and end up unworn or unloved in the bottom of your closet. Such is the fast-moving nature of the fashion industry, it's not uncommon for styles and garments to fall out of favour. With this initiative, we aim to give these no longer used or perhaps end of life garments a second chance. There are customers and enthusiasts who would balk and the thought of wearing jeans not faded and worn in by them, equally there are customers who enjoy just slipping on a pair of heartily worn jeans without those (sacred to some) break-in processes.

So how does it work? You have an Iron Heart jacket, vest, shirt or pair of pants that you’re either thinking about getting rid of or needs replacing. Instead of discarding these, you send them in to us here at IHUK in exchange for discount code for 15% of original value of item(s). See the products listed for sale here.

Step 1 Fill in the form below, including two photos of your item of clothing (front and back). Please note that uploads are limited to two images only. If you have multiple items, you must submit multiple forms.

Step 2 We will review the item(s), and contact you regarding their future.

Step 3 We will send you a prepaid UPS label to return the item(s) to us, and we will issue you 15% store credit of the original value.

The Life Cycle

The Iron Heart Product Life Cycle

Depending on the condition of the jeans we'll do one of the following three things.

1) Add to our archives, we love nothing more than seeing great faded and worn examples of our clothes, the same goes for our retailers! These pieces will make it online to our ‘Hall of Fades’ gallery or quite possibly end up proudly displayed in one of our retailers brick and mortar stores.

2) Re-sold. We’ll put these through the 5 point repair plan making sure the jeans are clean, healthy, and suitable for a new home. These will then be available for purchase on the Iron Heart website. 10% of the money generated from these sales will go to charity. So far we have donated $5144 to the Blue Marine Foundation. To find out more click here.

3) Re-purposed. We’ve been in discussion with several local ateliers discussing the viability of re-using denim and other fabric that has plenty of life left. We’ve been encouraged by the response and have had a number of suggestions regarding re-use. If the item does not fit into one of the previous categories we will aim to use parts for repair such as darning snags and patching up crotch blowout. Alternatively, we can make anything from pillow covers to coasters.

You can read the full Project RE:LOVE terms & conditions here

Get in touch

All fields are required. We require 2 photos of the clothes, one front, one back. Both images must show the full item.

(Please provide two images, one front, one back. Both images must show the full item)

For any enquiries please get in touch with us:


Telephone: +44 (0)2392 521541

Please send your jeans back to us here at IHUK

Unit 21 Cooperage Green, Off Weevil Lane

Gosport, Hampshire PO12 1FY

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